Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lost in time

So today was the last day of my christmas holidays and as you can see above I was overjoyed because it was actually sunny!  I decided to mark this rare and special occasion by popping on a sunhat and going  to the Geffrye Museum. I'd never been before but its brilliant! It begins in 1600 and it charts the changing of the living room in middle class households, right through to 1990. I fell in love with the Victorian rooms and there was an amazing conservatory with this really tacky (but amazing) mural and lots of potted plants. I definitely recommend it as a day out, I spent hours in there.

 This was the drawing room for 1830

The drawing room for 1890 and my favourite. It looks just like Linley Sandbourne's house.

There was also a lovely little reading room with lots of amazing interiors books. I found a great one on Vivene Green and her dolls house collection. I'll definitely be going back for research this term.I took my diana with me, so pictures will follow when I eventually get the films developed. Overall major thumbs up.

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