Thursday, 30 June 2011

Birthday Delights

So last week was my 21st birthday. My brother came to visit, we ate lots of cake and went to see Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall (it was amazing!) . The rest of the week consisted of lots more drinking and eating and the worlds biggest and best bbq for which I made the cake above; a strawberry and almond cake with sweetened creme fraiche , so delishh! I also made a trip to Regents Park, it was the first time I have ever properly explored it, absolutely adore the boating pond and all the funny little names badges on the flowers. All in all I've had a great two weeks, now the job hunting begins as I am completely skint ! EK !

Monday, 13 June 2011

Stressed expressions.

I dressed in a Poiret inspired outfit for a friends birthday a few weekends ago.

I'm sorry about the lack of photographic evidence of life of late, its essay deadline time, meaning I look a bit like this (just to clarify thats horrifically stressed, the hat is just to cheer me up a bit)

However, next week is my 21st birthday (who'd of thought I'd make it this far!) so I will be sure to document it very carefully.