Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lazy Sunday

 Sunday is my favourite day, I usually spend it in a lazy haze; like a fat cat I stretch and yawn. I listen to  radio 4, catch up on housework and drink endless cups of coffee. Although I laze around I do still like to dress up, I can't stand lounging about in jim jams (that is reserved for illness only.)

On this cold Sunday I am wearing a concoction of my favourite items, the t shirt is my favourite ever. The print is based on one by CollierCampbell called Bauhaus. It's obviously been many others favourite too as it has little stitches at the elbows where it has worn through in it's former lives.
The skirt and waistcoat I bought from a lady at Port Elliot Festival last year. The headband was made  Penny MacBeth (my mum). My red clogs are from ebay and are completely falling to pieces but I love them still.

I also like to paint on Sundays. Although recently I have been painting a lot all the time, I recently completed the painting below. Its of Josh and I, the backdrop is based on the same print as my t shirt. I have lots more planned and hope to build a while series of couples so stay tuned.


Friday, 22 March 2013

Kaffe Fassett: a life in colour

A few evenings ago I visited the preview of Kaffe Fassett: a life in colour, the new exhibition from the Fashion and Textile Museum. It was such a delightful evening and as you can see above I got to chat with the curator Sue Timney. You can read a full review of the exhibition on my other blog but I wanted to share some pictures here as it was a hugely inspirational night for me. I love Fassett's needlepoint cushions especially the Buddha and these little Victorian children. My other favourites are his interiors, his book Glorious Interiors is a must buy; it has inspired my life and aesthetic in so many ways. I am now after a full cabbage dinner set so I can recreate Kaffe's amazing garden table scene.

Below are some delights from glorious interiors

                    Kaffe Fassett's Living room

                            Mosaic garden