Friday, 28 June 2013

Octopuses Garden

Last Saturday night I had an Octopuses Garden themed party to celebrate my birthday the following day (I turned 23 on the 23rd!) Sadly a large segment of the night was undocumented due to a combination of laziness and drinking a little too much (it is probably a good thing there is very little photographic evidence of the night). Anyway as you can see I went over board with the glitter and confetti in an attempt to transform my living room into an underwater paradise. The party was suposed to take part in my yard but sadly the weather was a little windy, wet and wild so we relocated to the safety of my flat. I dressed as a weird amalgamation of a jellyfish and a deep sea fish. I wore a silver lame dress, a jacket made by my mumma and a collar of confetti made by me! Top marks to my darling Edward for being one of the few people to dress up, making a jellyfish costume (what a winner!)


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