Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Pre-Raphaelite Dream

Today I'm living in a Pre-Raphaelite dream. The glorious Turkish coat I'm wearing is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe it was a gift from my mother two birthdays ago and it truly is a dream to wear. It sadly went terribly mouldy in my last flat however in a sort of devil may care way I threw it in the washing machine and it came out perfectly! Phew! 

This collection of photographs were inspired by the wonderful work of Julia Margaret Cameron, in particular these two

and this wonderful photograph by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson 

Images Sources: 1,2,3

They were also in part influenced by Leighton House which was the painter Frederic Leighton's home. Its truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and if you haven't been (or heard of it) I can't recommend it highly enough.  Below is the Arab Hall which is my favourite room, it takes my breath away every time I visit. I always want to sit on the little seats by the windows however, they are cordoned off and have pine cones on to deter people like me!

I hope you enjoyed this foray in to my current mood. 
I will unveil more pieces from my wardrobe soon, I've found so many lovely things whilst unpacking!

Outfit Details

Antique Turkish coat from Istanbul

Embroidered hat by Penny MacBeth

Paisley head scarf from a charity shop

Paisley shirt Gap via a charity shop

Hand necklace from a charity shop

Bangles gifts from various friends



  1. fab~

  2. Oh Lally. I just KNEW that this was your inspiration. Perfection. You are a brave girl to throw your coat in the wash. Brave and beautiful. XXXXOOOO

    1. Thank you! Yes I love her, her photographs are just gorgeous! XX

  3. What a gorgeous post. I love your Turkish meets Pre-Raphaelite dream and you have the perfect looks for it. Julia Margaret Cameron's photography is indeed marvellous, particularly love the lady on the right. Glad to have found you. That Russian folk profile shot is just delicious! Xx p.s. I'm thinking you must be Lisa's daughter? Ignore me if that's too nosey, i shan't be at all offended.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Isn't it such a beautiful picture? I just love her work, I'd love to visit her house on the Isle of White. In regard to your p.s not nosey at all (I get asked a lot!), I'm not but Alex (her son) is my half brother, George MacBeth was my father. XX


  5. I love this! I can definitely see the Pre-Raphaelite inspiration in your outfit, but it also reminds me of the of the free-spirits and gypsies of the 20s. It's gorgeous.
    xx Tessie

  6. Your profile is perfect in that first image, it really does look like it were from that Era. :) And that Turkish Coat... beautiful!

    Follow the Royal Peach