Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ode to Dog

I recently purchased this sweet little doggy pyjama case from a car boot for £4. I leapt on him with such glee that I think the man selling it thought I was a little bonkers (not that I mind that). Anyway I initially thought I might sell him and took to calling him Dog so as not to get attached. This however failed miserably and he has lived on my bed for over a week, slowly becoming a fixture. 

Here is my ode to dog in the form of photographs inspired by one of my all time favourite paintings 
Lady with an Ermine

With a heavy dose of Hungarian folk dress mixed in for good measure

Sources: 1, 2

Outfit Details

French silk headscarf, originally my great Aunt's

Floral Headdress by Penny MacBeth, based on a traditional Hungarian design.

1970s Broderie Anglaise bed coat via a charity shop

Embroidered necklace with a detachable painted eye brooch by Penny MacBeth

1930s dog pyjama case, via a car boot


  1. Wonderful inspiration and joy, dear lally

  2. Lovely doggy! I see how you couldn't give him up! I love the headscarf, so beautiful, and the eye brooch is really fun! X

  3. Aww it's so cute! I wouldn't be able to give him up either. Lovely photos!

  4. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, they sweetened my day!
    Haha, this is a pyjama case?! That's amazing!

    Have a great week,

  5. love!!!

  6. I think everything should have a heavy dose of Hungarian folk costume thrown in for good measure! I love your homage to that amazing painting (which is new to me - didn't think live ermine were very snuggly). And as for dog? Holly Golightly took the same approach with Cat in Breakfast at Tiffanys. It didn't work then either! Xxxx

  7. Goodness me I love the Hungarian folk costumes and you definitely have that look nailed!
    Jon's still got Spot, his dog pyjama case he's had since he was born, they could be twins! x

  8. How could you even have contemplated parting with 'dog' once safely under you arm?? Accept it, he's in for the long haul on your bed now...
    Fabulous Penny Macbeth pieces, especially the necklace.

  9. amazing : i really love colours, inspirations, hungarian attitude and woman portrait!
    so cool page !