Thursday, 24 July 2014

La Loteria

In my last post I mentioned that my mum and my shop, Mrs MacBeth's Department Store, would be popping up at our local arts festival for the weekend. It was such a fun weekend, we met so many lovely people and had quite a few sales. Here I am in a dress that I painted especially for the weekend. I took the motifs from the Mexican Loteria game:

Source: 1

The cards have such amazing pictures and brilliant rhymes that go alongside them. One of my favourites is for La Luna- 'El farol de los enamorados'  meaning the lamp or lantern of lovers! They are all very beautiful and poetic. I also recently discovered that often the caller will make up their own riddles or poems- the more oblique the rhyme the better the caller and the harder it is for the player to win! I definitely recommend investing in a set if you haven't got one yet (you can purchase them from Viva La Frida alongside many other delights!)

Our space at the festival was in a window of a new charity shop that has just opened in Penryn. They are encouraging people to make the most of their old furniture and re-paint it, mend it etc. Although I really hate the term 'up-cycling', I do think this shop is a very welcome addition. So much gets thrown away and the comments coming from customers suggested that people were really excited to see the things you could do with old furniture! I painted a table that I got for £15 from a charity shop. I used french enamels and pasted a painting of Frida and Diego that I did a while ago on top. To make it more durable I used Rustins varnish. We used the table to work from for the weekend. 

The rest of our window was decorated with a variety of wonders made by my mum including heart and parrot pinatas, fabrics and soft sculptures. 

It was such a fun event, we had a very jolly time making pom poms, wrap weaving and chatting to everybody! 

Outfit Details

Calico dress hand-painted using acrylics- Made by me

1970s floral skirt part of a waistcoat/skirt suit- Vintage stall at Port Elliot

Peruvian Embroidered Belt- Gift from a friend

Wooden orange beads- Charity shop

1970s Hungarian Blouse- Belonged to my Aunty

Floral and bird patterned tights- Local market

Pom pom headdress- Mrs MacBeth's Department Store

Hand-painted red clogs- From ebay, painted by me

Hand-painted espadrilles- Coming this week to Mrs MacBeth's Department Store!



  1. You look incredible - I recognise your skirt, I'm sure I have it in black in my wardrobe. It looks wonderful with the hand painted blouse. No wonder people were flocking to your stall, I bet you were the main attraction! xxx

  2. The print is fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhh I need a skirt with tis print
    You are sooooooooooooo talented, dear Lally

  3. Your stall looks amazing!! I really love your painted tunic, so sweet! XXX

  4. what an amazing skirt! And i love your blog :D

  5. This is magical doll, love the belt and the shoes you painted are gorgeous!! Love all the bright colours and fabric designs, really perfect :)))) Xxx

  6. Beautiful photo shoot as always! Glad to hear the festival went well!

  7. I'm flashed by your style! you are yourself a piece of art!!

  8. Visited your blog today and I've been wowed by your colours. Inspired by your talent and beguiled by your style - again!! I also learned about Loteria and I feel like I owe it to myself to find out more. I love card games you see and I collect Jokers. Somehow this feels connected

  9. Oh wow, you look so amazing, I'm not surprised you are your mother's muse. Yes, I bet the crowds were magnetically attracted to you. I see your new belt is part of that marvellously creative outfit. Love the Frida Diego table, well, it's all lovely. Xxx

  10. What a visual feast. Your hand-painted dress is extraordinary, as are all the other hand-painted items. I hope the crowds swarmed like bees to honey to your beautiful array of goods and goodies.