Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Power of Objects

It's been a very busy week, nearly all the birthdays in my family fall within a 3 week space. An awful lot of cake gets eaten and not a lot of housework gets done. This is my living room before it descended in to a mess of tape, wrapping paper and glitter. This is about the tidiest it gets, my trick has always been to distract the eye as much as possible with plenty of paintings, cushions, colour and nick nackery! I hope it works. Not pictured is my desk which lives under a nook beneath the stairs. It's not looking too tidy right now and come to think of it I'm not sure it ever does?! I will take some pictures of it when it's a little clearer (there are lots of paintings piled on it). 
Our living room is perhaps my favourite room in our home, it's perfect for lounging and reading. The daybed is particularly good for lazily flicking through art books and sipping g&ts! We have a lot of books, far more than are pictured. 

 One very important part of our living room is the drinks cabinet. It houses a host of glasses from champagne boats to whisky tumblers as well as whole menagerie. I have used the bottom (and some of the top) shelf to house my collection of weird and wonderful creatures and a variety of objects that I treasure dearly. I am, by own omission, a bit of a hoarder. I have over recent months got a little better, moving to Cornwall forced me to really consider what was needed. The trouble I have always had is I attach memories and emotions to objects, each one contained within my drinks cabinet has a particularly special meaning. 

They are mainly things I've been given by loved family members who have since passed. I find it very comforting to have small objects to hold, I've always liked the idea of Netsuke. My assortment of Buddha's have always come in handy during in exams or difficult essays, I choose one and hold it in my hand, the soft cold texture is very comforting. Other objects are less easily transportable, due to size and delicacy. They however are no less treasured. The white owl is one of my oldest belongings, my dad gave it to me as a baby. It originally tweeted and fluttered it's eyes, it sadly has since stopped doing so but it's been with me through every home and I couldn't really imagine not owning it.  

I like to display them all because they help remind me of the people I've lost but also to always appreciate the people that are here.

Featured below are a few of my favourite objects:

The owl that my dad gave me, a marionette made by an auntie (I think!) in the 1930s, the lid of a long lost box featuring 3 carol singers originally belonging to my great-granny. 

A knitted llama a friend gave me for my 23rd birthday, my dad's business card illustrated by my mum and a cheeky little eggcup that was my granny's!

Steiff owl that belonged to my grandma, another marionette and the Bogart of Bohermore*

*Bohermore was the name of the area of Galway I lived in when I was small. My mum made this friendly little Bogart, he caused much mischief around our house. 

A whole collection of Buddha's.

Melon teeth the lion a recent purchase from Oxfam and a little Japanese bonsai scene from the Japanese Gardens.

 A selection of glasses and a little cardboard figure that belong to my Great Aunt.

Do you have any objects you carry with you? I'm always so interested to hear about people's attachment (or not!) to objects. My brother is very different from me and has barely more than a handful of possessions! He is always very bemused by my nostalgia for childhood objects. 
I hope you all have glorious weekends and treasure all your loved ones. 



  1. Yay, blogger ate my comment! :/

    So again, one more try... I love that daybed wit those pillows, looks cosy!
    Also, those collected figurines & other objects look so well together & clean. (Something that is quite hard to maintain)
    I'm so like you. I always collect & display what I have been given as a gift. Never throwing them away but trying to stay away from becoming a hoarder. Very hard to do so. :)
    Oh, and... that green lacework hanging lamp & all those books, lovely!!!

    P.S.: Have a lovely Weekend!

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  2. Your home is marvellous. I love lots of objects around with stories to them. Collections are wonderful :)) And I love the colour on your walls too, my favourite :)) Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  3. Oh, I have MANY Attachments since I'm a Human Magpie! *winks* Your Home is Beautiful, Inviting and so sublimely Colorful that I just Love it! I too have many Distraction Tactics... *LOL* and Lord knows I could never do a Panoramic View of very much around this Old House! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. What a beautiful bohemian home you have, I could sit there happily doing whatever. I love that you have so many objects with meaning, I only own a few and treasure them greatly. The things from your family members are really a beautiful reminder of what matters most.

  5. What a lovely space to live in, so full of treasured pieces. I love objects of memory but sadly my limited space does not allow me to keep as much as I'd like. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. lovely blog :)

  7. I've collected few old objects, moving in a another town made me to loose some of them. The most precious thing is my mother civil wedding dress.
    new follower here,
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  8. Can I move in? I love your home and the colourful decor - it reflects the woman who lives there perfectly! x

  9. This is so lovely to see some of your precious things, I'm very similar in that I keep things that have been given to me or that I have created a particular attachment to.. I took some photos of some of my special things that I never posted so I'll have to share them sometime now! XXX

  10. That room is so perfect I love all the decorations it makes it really special


  11. Oooooh it's lovely to meet you Lally, thank you so much for stopping over for a visit! What a glorious room ... I'm sure I would find something new to gaze at and obsess over every time I sat (lay) in there. I have a thing for portraits of women. I love faces in art more than anything. You're on my blogroll xoxo

  12. Your home looks sooooooo cosy, so welcoming and so inviting.
    I would love to pop in for a cup of tea one day and take a good look at every single detail
    Happy weekend, my gorgeous Lally

  13. Your place looks amazing! So many wonderful trinkets and pieces of art. I would love to see it in person. :) xo

  14. How glorious that your living space so perfectly reflects your style; especially love the day bed (for G&T quaffing) right next to a shelf of books: perfect combination. Beautiful room.
    My bedroom at home is similarly filled with special mementoes and items of family clothing and jewelry (not to mention the hats, cocktail shakers, champagne saucers, antique cases of great-granny's scarves and gloves... and on it goes... AND books. Lots and lots of books). So, I definitely look like a hoarder (old family photos? yes, in a couple of boxes on the shelves behind the door). I maintain that if I had a small flat (or rather when I do...) I'd look like less of a hoarder and more of a selective collector, with everything spread out a little more. Until then, I'm holding on to it all. Glad I'm not the only one!

  15. You have created such a wonderfully cosy, eclectic, bohemian, colour-filled home. That day bed would be the perfect place to just lay and look around the room with all your wonderful treasures. I totally understand your attachment to objects which came from those now gone, I am the same, although I wish I were more like your brother. It is so touching to see that owl from your dad. xxxxx

  16. Dear Lady MacBeth,

    You live in a treasure box and I am inspired at every single thing my eyes father across in these photos. Beautiful assortments of memories, stories. Extraordinary!

    I too have a fascination with objects and the way that they can tell the stories of those that loved them. Most people think I am odd, perhaps even materialistic. I am neither - just curious and I do believe that I may have found someone that might understand me :)