Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Virgin of Guadalupe

There are a number of exotic and wonderful discount shops in the area that I live in. My mum and I recently discovered 3 rolls of amazing photographic flower print jersey fabric. Needless to say we snapped it up in an instant! The backdrop to these photographs is my favourite of the three, I love that it looks almost like a painting and the colours are so beautiful (I'm having difficulty expressing in words how great it is!) 

I've always been very taken with the saint cards that are available to purchase in Cathedral shops, particularly their eyes! As a teenager I named their very particular expression 'caring eyes' and ever since my family have enjoyed practising our own versions of caring eyes. This is my tribute to those cards and in particular The Virgin of Guadalupe in all her mystical glory. 

I am about to start some paintings from this series of photographs, so I'll be posting those very soon (I'm going to start posting more of my creative endeavours in general!)

In other unrelated news this week my shop, Mrs MacBeth's Department Store, that I run with my mum will be hosting several pop ups for Penryn Arts Festival. We'll be decorating a multitude of windows with parrots, pom poms and flowers as well as making pom poms and other delights in a new charity shop which is opening this weekend! Should you be in Cornwall (or just fancy having a nose) have a look at the programme of events here. There is so much going on and the great thing is most of it's free!

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Outfit Details:

Russian floral scarf-  purchased by my mum in Istanbul

1960s pink cherub tapestry top- Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Edwardian nightie (with collar embroidered by me)- charity shop

Gold and mint green Sari- gift from my mum

Necklace- Penny MacBeth

Ring- Portabello Market

Paper flowers made by me



  1. Fabulous fabric, Lally, and your photos are wonderfully creative. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. Oooh, I love a good religious postcard. I always envied Catholics in particular for their saints and architecture. You have definitely achieved "caring eyes" here. Gorgeous photos. The flowers you made are beautiful and the floral fabric is an excellent backdrop.

  3. You are incredibly, exceptionally talented - these photos are powerful and beautiful! Tell us more about yourself and your Mum - how such creativity got to blossom in your family?

    One little correction if I may - the flowery shawl on your head is Russian, not Turkish. If you are interested, a little bit of history here: http://russian-crafts.com/crafts-history/pavlovo-posad-shawls.html

    I have a few of these shawls (we call them platok in Russian) and showed them in my blog too

    http://inthewriterscloset.blogspot.com/2014/04/internal-sunshine.html and http://inthewriterscloset.blogspot.com/2013/10/russian-platok.html

    Best of luck with the festival - it's fun to meet people who appreciate your art!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment! I'll certainly be posting be more about my family in the future. Yes I've read lots about them, I have quite a few Russian ones, I really love Russian folk patterns. I'll have a look at those links! This one my mum purchased in Istanbul (along with quite a few others, they are hard to resist!) hence why I wrote Turkish! (now corrected!) XX

  4. You are a beautiful work of art Lally! Love all of these amazing photos. We came across a 5th century shrine whilst in France and some lovely old churches with some amazing plaster statues. Great fabric, you and your mum are quite a team! xxxxx

  5. Beautiful outfit and poses, I guess the contrast between the green Sari & the red Top is what really got me! Awesome!
    Have fun with the festival & maybe post about it afterwards. ;)

    Follow the Royal Peach

  6. These photos are wonderful, very much like the fabulously gaudy religious pictures I see in the Goan Catholic homes in India. The fabric is fantastic, what a wonderful backdrop. x

  7. Such beautifully colourful photos. You are so creative!

  8. I nearly passed out at the sight of these beautiful pics of you and your new floral fabrics. What an amazing find and I look forward to seeing more of your creations. xox

  9. So there I was sipping my tea and smiling away at your lovely comment before I decided to visit your blog. Then. I. Almost. Choked. In the very best way possibly of course! How staggeringly wonderful your space it. These photos are wonder-filled and gorgeous yet slightly bonkers and all sorts of WOW in my head. Lady Macbeth - I am so happy I found you!!

  10. Hi there,
    found your blog on Sue's blogroll and I have to say I am bowled over by its brilliance.
    Awesome everything with a cherry on top, just how I like it.
    I also took a peek in your fabulous Etsy store and decided that I will definitely have to create a treasury including your fabulous floral-crown when I have some time to play :)
    Hope you are having an awesome week...xxx

  11. I've popped over from Helga, oh my goodness I am captivated by you and your magnificent creations, of course I have followed you immediately! x x x

  12. Lovely idea! I love the idea of The Virgin with an excellent manicure and bright lippy. And a strong brow. Fabulous work!

  13. Wow! This is the most colorful post I've seen anywhere! Love the detail. It definitely brightened my day.

    The Fashion Forecast

  14. I love the wonderfully colorful floral patterns! Great post!

  15. These are so pretty and colorful!



    p.s. I'm your newest follower- love your blog! :)

  16. Hey, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments!
    I LOVE these photos!! I also kind of have an obsession with religious kitsch (I did a whole project on it which you can see on my blog). I'm now following you!