Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Magical Mystery Tour

Today has been a little damp and grey so to counteract this I'm taking you all on a Magical Mystery Tour! Whenever I wear this slightly barmy frock I feel like I'm living in the Magic Roundabout, the colours and pattern are v. far out.

I recently went to London and saw the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition on a whim and I'm SO glad I did it was truly inspiring. I definitely urge you to go if you are in London before September 7th. Anyway on arriving home I purchased a pack of coloured card from Hobbycraft and got to work snipping alla Matisse. My first attempts I've used here as a backdrop and remind me very much of fuzzy felts (I so want some now that I've remembered they exist- particularly the ones below).

1960s & 1970s children's telly and illustration is a big influence in my daily life and wardrobe. I particularly enjoy Magic Roundabout as it was about the only programme I watched as a small person when I went to my grandma's house (we didn't have a telly at home until I was a teenager). I just love the colours  bizarre characters and storylines, and clunky, hand made feeling of it. 

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Despite the title of this post (and loving the album) I've never actually watched Magical Mystery Tour, I am remedying this tonight though and watching it whilst wearing this dress and dreaming of warmer climes!

The trailer is great and I leave you with the song Blue Jay Way (even if you hate the song, George Harrison's suit is a dream!)

I hope you all have happy weeks!

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Outfit Details

Psychedelic 1970s photographic print dress- Vintage stall at Port Eliot Festival 

1960s yellow velvet hat- Vintage market stall

Giant brooch with enlarged photograph of crochet- Pimlico Car Boot

1970s yellow clogs- Ebay



  1. The magic roundabout is a total classic, we also loved it as kids. Felt is great for making things out of, i had a bit of a felt flower frenzy a few years ago. Love the crazy frock, it suits you very well. My favourite Matisse cutout is the snail. We went to the Matisse museum in Nice a few years back, but I didn't see it. Maybe it's in this exhibition? Xxx

  2. What a fab outfit, I love love love that dress!


  3. Such a great post!! I love the background and the dress is amazing, so fun! X

  4. You are soooooooooooooooooo wonderful, my dear Lally
    Thank you for joining your family at Share-in-Style

  5. Your blog is so cool! I love that outfit.

  6. I adore this dress on you and your custom bright background just makes it all the more delicious!

  7. I came over from Sacramento's Share-In-Style: Flowers (I missed out joining this one, boo) to get a better look at your crazy wonderful dress. I am now in looooove with your hat! I need a big slouchy hat like this in my wardrobe. :o)


  8. That dress rocks! You've just reminded me of a couple of crazy 1960s hats i bought the other week and stashed away for the Autumn, can't wait to wear them now! xxx

  9. You are a magical mystery tour!!! The dress is barmy but brilliant with it. I used to watch the Magic Roundabout. It seemed to always be on when i staggered home from a night of dancing and It would have my mind doing funny things in my sleep.

  10. I love the explosion of colours, what a fantastic dress! And goodness I used to love fuzzy felt, as if I forgot that stuff existed!
    I hope you loved the Magical Mystery Tour, it's my favourite Beatles film it's so wonderfully mad ♥

  11. Beautiful floral dress! gorgeous x x x

  12. You are magic yourself, Lally! Love the dress, the hat and your amazing presentation. Now I want to cut fuzzy felt too. :)

  13. Magical indeed, I really love this dress, it is perfect!! And the added hat is the icing on the cake so to speak...wonderful doll xxx

  14. This outfit would fit perfectly here in San Francisco!! :)

  15. YES!! This amazing dress is utterly magic roundabout-esque. (And so very 'YOU' too). When I was little I was only allowed to watch videos (in those pre DVD days), not TV, so my mum could choose what I was watching. I had many of her former favourites on tape, such as The Magic Roundabout, Clangers, Bagpuss and one with Parsley the Lion (can't remember name). The Magic Roundabout was my favourite though.