Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Christmas Sprout

 It's tinsel season again so in celebration I have dressed up as the much maligned and misunderstood vegetable; the sprout! I have to say I'm a big fan of sprouts, although I haven't always been. I have, over recent years, found a number of recipes that cheer them up royally. I adore them sauteed in butter with cumin and nigella seeds (SO delicious). For the more adventurous sprout eaters among you try some of these Yotam Ottolengi recipes, I can wholeheartedly recommend the sprout risotto.

This very silly outfit was found in Lidl of all places, I think it's intended for a large child but I loved the luscious green and took a gamble that it might fit! The hat was a Christmas present last year and has come to be known in our house as The Sprout Hat. It's incredibly warm and always makes passersby giggle. The funny little red boots I found at a charity shop in the summer for the grand sum of £3! They are Hungarian folk dancing boots, I'd been after a pair for years but not wanted to pay the usually enormous price tag attached. They are 1960s ones, with very plastic soles, not all that comfortable but they are great for prancing around in at home.

The photographs were heavily inspired by everyone's favourite Christmas grump; The Grinch. I love his mad expression!

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All that is left to say is Merry Christmas! I hope you all have extremely Jolly ones filled with love and hopefully a baileys or two! I'll be back with some more seasonally inspired photographs after Christmas. Joining in with the Christmas Share in Style.

Outfit Details

Kids ski suit- Lidl

Faux fur hat - River Island

Sprout earrings and brooch - Claires Accessories

1960s Hungarian folk dancing boots- car boot sale

Tinsel wig- Lameta from The Range



  1. I adore your sprout hat and the insane Lidl outfit is fantastic, I'm going to see if there's one left in our Lidl tomorrow! Best Xmas outfit ever! xxx

  2. So funny. I love the sprout hat too! You're not nearly grouchy enough to be The Grinch, but your facial expressions are priceless. Have a good one! I bet having you around cheers everyone up no end. Xxxx

  3. How cute and lovely! I love your solo mini-shows, they are so fun. Just wonderful! Merry Christmas! xxx

  4. I love your barmy photoshoots, they never fail to cheer me up! Those boots are wonderful, what a shame they're uncomfortable. The insane ski suit is great, I've managed to fit into large children's clothings before, the kids really seem to get all the best stuff!

  5. I would love to see you sprouting in my garden! Great photos. Isn't it fun to be able to fit into kids' clothes?

  6. The most artful vegetable I have ever seen! They should make a ballet called Dance of the Cumin-ed Sprouts. You are definitely a muse in this wonderful veggie Christmas theme post. Your fiery imagination is contagious - thank you.

  7. Can you get more adorable? I think you should take this show on the road!!!

  8. Oh my, I love this too much!! You look so brilliant!! I love the Grinch...amazing!! xx

  9. Your outfit is too cool! I like sprouts too, they are definitely underrated!

  10. You are a beautiful and funny Grinch. Happy Christmas

  11. Don´t forget to VOTE for your favourite look on Share-in-Style TODAY ( Rosy and I excluded)
    Merry Christmassssssssss!!!