Monday, 26 January 2015


Hello! Just a very quick post today. We are knee-deep in prep for my ma's wedding on Saturday so I gotta get back to making 100 profiteroles and pesto (not to be eaten together...!) 

These photographs were, despite their sunny appearance, taken in October. It was an unusually bright Autumnal day. My mum and I spent some time trawling the last car boot of the season and picked up some marvellous bargains; a great gold hand-painted pot and curtains with a lovely daisy pattern which reminds me of the Swiss mountains. The flowers are my favourite in the world; anemones. 

We took the pictures for my feature in Little Thing magazine, they're probably my favourite of the set. I'm particularly keen on the orange, pink, red colour way in my ensemble, it was also a particularly lovely day so I feel like they beam good vibes. For the more observant among you, you may notice that the dress & shoes featured in my last post too. I promise that the next post will feature a completely original outfit! 

I have lots going on these next few weeks; first the wedding and then prep for Gilding the Lily at The Glorious in Exeter, it'll feature new work from my mum and I and opens on the 13th February (just in time for!) I still have several canvases to resin, prints to make and so forth so I may be dipping in and out of bloggyland. However, I'll be shooting for another project next week so those photos will definitely make it up here. Hope you all have a very happy week! Please think of me running around whisking, mixing and chopping and say a little prayer to whoever your chosen deity is.

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Outfit Details

1960s cupid tapestry top - vintage market sale rail

Wooden orange beads - car boot sale

Dress - Penny MacBeth

Pom pom headdress - Penny MacBeth

Bavarian folk dancing clogs - car boot sale



  1. such pretty pics of you... good luck for your wedding dinner!

  2. So amazing, you look radiant, love the top :))) Good luck for your Mum's wedding doll :) xx

  3. Congrats to your mom! I just love your style. It's so interesting! These photos are so gorgeous and colorful


  4. Radiant and lovely! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. Many congratulations to your mum! Wishing her a heart full of happiness xx

    Oh Lally!! You are a cure to a grey day xx

  6. Always SUCH a visual feast and a great pleasure to see a new blog post of yours. All those spirit-lifting colours just make the day glow a little more. Thrilled to hear of your mum's wedding. What excitement (and hard work and preparation and cooking). Wishing you all buckets of joy this weekend and beyond.

  7. I adore your colourful posts!! Congrats to your mum.

  8. This is so gorgeous, I love the beautiful bright colours.

  9. Wow. Your blog is so fantastically colourful, creative and whimsical. Feeling very, very inspired right now. Big congratulations to your mum, I'm sure the wedding was wonderful.

  10. Love your unique style !! :)

  11. Your mum's wedding must have been a feast of beauty, based on all your preparations. Hope it was a joyful day. You look like an artist's palette, but I have to confess I can't take my eyes off those curtains! Glorious. I keep peering but I can't see your clogs. Show us your clogs Lally? :) xxxxx