Saturday, 14 March 2015

In Bloom

Spring is here; the first blooms have arrived in my garden, several little Primroses and a Hyacinth. My favourite of all the spring flowers is the Tulip, especially the wonderfully frilly Parrot Tulips. My tulips are yet to flower though so I'm making do with Lidl's finest for the moment.

I took these photographs yesterday. The light was wonderful, the bright fresh kind you only get in early Spring. It was, hopefully, the first of many more sunshine filled days. My ma snapped these  for me whilst we were taking some others for a project that will be revealed in a few months. Although you can't see all that much of it I'm wearing one of my most treasured dresses; a 1930s soft pink lace number handed down to me from my mum. She bought it in the 80s along with 4 others from an ex-dancer. I spent so many years staring at it when I was a child dreaming of the day that I'd be big enough to fit it! That day came and I wore it dancing, to tea parties, to go shopping in and to lounge at home in! Sadly it has very nearly reached the end of it's journey so it will have to be rejuvenated into a new garment soon. 
Here it is in happier days.. (taken by an v.old friend when I was about 18 in the window seat of my old bedroom)

These photographs were very much inspired by the beautiful seed packets of the 30s. I love the saturated colours and the collaging of hundreds of different kinds of flowers onto one packet. I think if seed packets looked like this now I'd have a garden stuffed with flowers!
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In other news I have a new exhibition alongside my mum at The Courtyard Deli in Falmouth, a lovely place for coffee if you are in Falmouth. We'll also be at Truro Arts Festival on March 30th hosting a workshop from 1-3 on shrine making. For £2 you'll get everything to make your own which you can take home. If making isn't your thing you can just come hang out and watch us make in our yurt from 10.30 that morning. Have a look at my events page for more information!

Finally you can see some pictures from my Virgin of Guadalupe series alongside a host of other talented gals work on Amelia's Magazine today. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Outfit Details

Pink 1930s lace dress, bolero & neck tie - Gift from my mum

Pink 1930s embroidered shawl- Gift from my mum

Various assortment of flowers- H&M



  1. You are a work of art in amongst your Lidl tulips! That dress sounds wonderful, thank goodness you are clever enough to breathe new life into it and remake it into something, no doubt, equally wonderful! x

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - you in flowers, you in this amazing lacy dress! What a lovely vintage dress it is... sad that it's tearing apart, but on the other hand, I will be glad to see its second life. You, as always, bring a happy smile and waves of feelings, thoughts, associations with your artistic photos. xxx

  3. Wonderful imagery love those seed packets, the dress sounds exquisite x

  4. So very beautiful , you and the vintage dress , amongst the tulips. Glad you are able to renew a garment with so much history. Enjoy the beauty that is Spring.

  5. So unsual, so interesting, so beautiful!

    Greetings from Prague! Happy to be a part of share-in-style.

  6. You are always so magical, I love this a lot!! Stunning xx

  7. Totally!!!
    Just a brief comment not only on this post.
    You are a source of inspiration, and it's always wonderful to pop by here and your instagram.
    Lots of love

  8. That lacy dress is beautiful beyond words, I love it! Oh yes, spring flowers, they are so welcome after the long grey winter. Blue hyacinths are my favourite. Xxxx