Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Saints Alive

Hello! Today I had to take some photographs of myself dressed as an angel for a workshop my mum and I are holding at Truro Arts Festival in two weeks. We'll be giving each participant a kit which will include a cut-out angel and lots of other fun elements to make a Mexican retablo style shrine. Retablo paintings and shrines traditionally tell stories of divine intervention. They are often very gory tales; look at Frida Kahlo's depicting the tragic collision that left her in a brace for the rest of her life, an incredibly emotive painting!

Frida Kahlo retablo

After snapping the angel photographs I took a few still dressed in my saint outfit. I mused on what a saint/angel might do in day to day life: recline on the sofa perhaps? Certainly not any housework, that's for sure! 

My ensemble was inspired by this wonderful picture of a Mexican angel

Source: 1

and these amazing retablo shrines.

Source: 2

 Source: 3

I've never worn this top with the skirt before; the skirt has a matching waistcoat (see it here) so I usually wear the two together however, I really like this combination so I think it might become a new favourite. 

Anyway I'm sure you're all dying to see me as an angel? Do feel free to print it, cut it out and make your own retablo shrine (if you do I'd love to see the results!)

I hope you are all having very productive weeks, mine has been pretty jam-packed so far. We're about to start doing Airbnb from April so I've been busy tidying the house and taking pictures for the listing. I'm so excited as I've heard many good things about people's experiences, both letting and visiting! I'd be really interested to hear any of your experiences, and any advice you might have. The listing will be up soon so I'll post it incase any of you fancy a break in Cornwall!

Outfit Details

1970s floral cotton skirt - vintage stall

Silk rebozo scarf - gift from my mum

Floral top - charity shop

Bangles - made by Penny MacBeth

Necklace with eye brooch attached - made by Penny MacBeth

Vintage beaded necklace - Oxfam

Felt flower headdress - Mrs MacBeth's Department Store

Pattern t-shirt - Uniqlo



  1. I love that headdress so much!!

  2. I love all the detailed edits and comparisons you made between your outfit and real life objects <3

  3. always perfect x3 love the skirt &the top & the flower crown, you make a great angel :D

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  4. Your Mexican Inspired ensemble is Gorgeous.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I need a cut-out Lally for my shrine! Gorgeous outfit and how exciting to be an Air B&B! xxx

  6. Lally you ARE an angel! Your outfit is so beautiful. I love anything Mexican inspired. An airbnb! How exciting. If I'm ever in Cornwall...

  7. I love your idea of posting cutout angels, and no one does a shrine angel better than you! How exciting that you are going to do a workshop on making shrines. I agree - that top looks perfect with that skirt.
    Good luck with your Airbnb. If I were planning I trip to Cornwall, I'd definitely book myself for a stay with you at your house!

  8. I stumbled to your blog from dawn's. Why have I not found you before? (sobs) I love this post, and your house. Such colour - so wonderful! I need a cup of tea to settle down and read backwards .....

  9. You always look so magical my dear, I love it :) xx

  10. very arty and magical! you look like ms Spring

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. You created a gorgeous ensemble, and I love your cut out angel - what a brilliant idea! I'm sure your workshop will be a lot of fun. I've been to a few art exhibits in Tacoma, they usually have a Day of the Dead celebration in the local art museum, it's always amazing. And if I were to visit Cornwall, I would be absolutely thrilled to book your beautiful unique house! Good luck with everything!

  12. You make a very beautiful and colourful angel, mind you, I think I rather like that in an angel. I do like having a good gawp at your amazing home, and I'm quite sure others will be similarly attracted. I've rather taken to airbnb, we've done it three times now, in fact we were in Bristol on Saturday night staying in one. I'd say, make sure there's a mirror in the room, so people can get ready (there wasn't one in our first place so I had to hog the bathroom, which made me stressed). Are you doing breakfast? The one at the weekend had all her bread products in the freezer (croissants etc) for reheating. Seemed a good idea, because they don't get stale and you don't have to shop fresh every day. Xxxx

  13. Adore the entirely reasonable supposition that an angel would certainly not be doing any housework! Amazing recreation of the mexican angel too.
    Ooooh, the possibility of Airbnb at yours sounds like a compelling reason to visit Cornwall!

  14. Your Airbnb adventure sounds like it's going to be magical. I envy everyone that gets to stay!

    I am going to cut you out and stick you on my desk's noticeboard. I know that sounds scary and quite possibly creepy but I don't mean it too!