Monday, 27 April 2015

A Question of Guilt

There are suspicious goings on around here, I just can't seem to put my finger on what, where or whom.

On Friday night I attended the frankly AMAZING new exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery A Question of Guilt. It showcases the crime writer, Frances Flyfield's, wonderful collection of paintings (*I should clarify these are not by her but rather an assortment of others work that she has amassed over her lifetime). The entire exhibition is a murder mystery trail; each painting a character in the story and all with wonderfully witty captions. Although I didn't manage to work out the murderer or the weapon (there was a Cluedo board and an evidence box at the end of the exhibition) it did get my imagination whirring. The characters were fabulous: from the heavy lidded and be-hatted murderess to the flamboyant entertainer, each added to a very complex and funny story. 

The curation was masterful, carefully placed objects (and even a fireplace!) created an incredibly atmospheric space to walk around. I was very taken with a little mirror they had in the corner with a selection of tweed deerstalker's to try on. I tried one and it was, much to my delight, an exact match for the tweed I was wearing. 

Here are a couple of paintings from the exhibition:

Unknown Artist, Early 20th Century - A Question of Guilt, Falmouth Art Gallery
Untitled, Percy Frederick Horton- The Murderess, A Question of Guilt, Falmouth Art Gallery

I've always loved a detective story, my brother and I are avid Sherlock fans and for a while we toyed with the idea of starting our own agency. We spent hours on trains practising the Mind Palace technique featured in Sherlock however, despite having the trench coats, hats and spectacles we weren't all that fantastic at it!

That aside I decided to have another whirl at being a detective for the day. I donned my tweeds and the largest brimmed hat I could find and took to the roof. I didn't find much in the way of crime but I did find some very lovely greenery and a incredibly blue sky! Hurrah! 

Apart from detecting undetectable crimes I've been busy with a number of other projects. My home was recently featured on Om Pom Happy which you can see here. I also forgot to mention in my last post that my spare room is now up on airbnb, come and visit (or just have a nosey)!

The exhibition I spoke about in my last post is still up, you can visit it at The Glorious Art House in Exeter, open 7 days a week. It finishes on Friday so you better get your skates on!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and don't get entangled in any mysteries...

Outfit Details

 1980s tailored tweed waistcoat & jacket - Furness & Duke via Oxfam

1930s mint green cotton shirt with lace trim - Vintage sale

Tweed breeches - Pants charity shop

Wide-brimmed hat - Zara sale

Tasseled loafers - Russell & Bromley 

Selection of vintage badges on jacket - Car boot sales

Suffragette 'Votes for Women' badge on waistcoat - NPG shop



  1. I had no idea Frances Fyfield was also an artist. I've read loads of her books. A woman of many talents. Talking of which, so are you, a stunning home, gorgeous to look at and incredibly stylish to boot. xxx

    1. Oh whoops! I should of been clearer (feeling a little dozy today) the paintings aren't by her but rather collected by her. She has some absolute marvels, including a Duncan Bell. Anyway have rectified now to make it clearer. Thank you, you are so kind! XXXX

  2. omg you look so deliciously dapper as always I love the way you've curated your outfit on this blog :)

  3. I picture you riding a great steed through the woods, a questionable person in pursuit. Thank goodness your hat stays on! I love this outfit and I really, really like the exhibition and its concept. Sometimes dressing the part is more fun than being the part. You must charge your guests extra for the living exhibition they are privileged to stay in.

  4. What a wonderful outfit - I love every bit of it and that hat just makes it all even more marvellous!

  5. hahaha! you're so smart and fearless, like whoa is this outfit, totally killing it here :D

  6. That sounds like a wonderful exhibition, I too love a good detective story. I think I know why you didn't have much success. You are lacking a magnifying glass. Plus, you couldn't really be undercover. All those naughty criminals would be mesmerised by you! Xxxx