Monday, 20 April 2015

Everything I Have Ever Lost

Hello! I spent all of last week putting the finishing touches to my installation for our family exhibition that opened at The Glorious on Saturday. I spent a lot of time knitting a very small jumper and even longer labelling everything. Here are the pictures of Everything I Have Ever Lost. 

The theme and title for the exhibition is Horror Vacui. Originally a Latin phrase, meaning fear of the void, it is the act of filling of every possible surface. My mum, brother and I all explored our own fear of the void; producing completely different results. My own fear of the void was to do with loss of objects/places/people. You can see my statement above but for slightly easier viewing here it is in plain text:

I face my fear of the void by imaging everything that I have ever lost, reunited. My greatest hope is that on reaching the void familiar faces, clothes, homes and hats, will greet me; no longer will they be left on trains, owned by someone else or lying in the gutter but instead clustered together just waiting to be found. Loss is a feeling many have experienced. It can be extremely frustrating, sometimes life-changing and 
sometimes it can pass by with little consequence. Mostly though it is sad, one can often worry ‘what has become of that poor lost thing?’ 
I have spent many hours wondering this and here are the results; my lost things reimagined, 
all safe and sound and remembered as they were the last time that I saw them.
Most things are trivial and have left little impression on my life: loose change, hats or pot plants. However, other things have left greater voids: my Dad, homes, Arty the Scottish Deerhound. Remembering lost things offers a solace in the darkest moments; losing something no longer feels sad but instead a joy, in that I know it will join the other lost things and one day I too shall join them. All these things may be lost but they are not forgotten.

I re-created my lost things in a variety of mediums. Here's a list of all the lost things:

Moyne Park
Trennick Row
Stuart the Caravan
Owls House
Arty the Scottish Deerhound
My Granny
My Aunty Bar
Harriet, Henrietta and Henry the Goldfish
Loose change
Every photograph I took from 2008-2013
My Irish Accent
The Gremlin
Faux fur hat
Straw boater
Fisherman’s Jumper
My Marbles
My Dad
Capri the Cacti
Red lipstick x 2
Dizzy the Canary
Easter eggs
Gruffalo mug
Candy watch
Jade plant
The Chickens 
Blue glass vase
Pink floral mug
My passport
Green glass
Smelly donkey
Joni Mitchell record
Foliage plant
Edward the Rat
Flat Ted's red trousers
Claddagh ring
Lapis Lazuli ring
Blue ring
Pink horn rimmed glasses
Round glasses
My treasure box
Debs Bear's suitcase
Harry Potter book
Valley of the Dolls book
Floral mug
Marz badge
Mobile phone
Graphite pencil set
Pentel pen
Orange wine glass
Blue embroidered wedges

 There are certainly more things to be added to this list but it's a work in progress. I'd love to know about your lost things (good and bad). Making this work has prompted me to take stock of the things/people/places in my life now and appreciate everything that I haven't lost, I hope that it might do the same for the viewer. 

You can visit the exhibition, Horror Vacui, at The Glorious from 8-6 Monday-Saturday and 10-4 on Sundays. 

On another note I recently did two interviews. The first for The Glorious' blog about Horror Vacui which you can read here and another more general one about my practise for Om Pom Happy which you can read here. Look out for my home which will also make an appearance later in the week on Om Pom Happy.

You can also read a review of our exhibition here.



  1. I love this so much!! I saw the sneak peak of it all on insta, and I'm so in love with the final product <3 Reminds me a lot of Wes Anderson's aesthetic, but of course, with your own zany twist!

  2. This is amazing, I love it. I wish I was closer so I could get to see this...amazing!! xx

  3. This is a very poignant and beautiful piece of work. As a small child I used to spend hours planning to roam around the earth, but I was held back by the idea of missing treasured people and things. So I created a drawer in the sky, where I could store everything and everybody, which would always be accessible to me. If only it were true. I often think about my dad and how different things might have been if he had lived longer. I wonder if you do the same. Xxxxxx