Monday, 22 June 2015

Glasney Valley

Hello! After reading the Fabulous Vix's post the other week about transforming a dress to a jumpsuit I had to have a go! I've had this particular dress languishing in my wardrobe for many years now and although I love the print it was far too big and too long; it was ripe for a make over. It was extremely easy to make and I'm now the proud owner of a swanky jumpsuit. I love how swishy it is and i'm now thinking of all the other unworn dresses I can recycle.

I took it for a whirl around Glasney Valley, a beautiful place near my home. Once the home of a 13 century college it is now a beautiful woodland with a brook running right through it. The college was dissolved in 1548 and since then the land has remained virtually untouched bar a majestic viaduct that runs across a glade part the way along.  I love the smell and feeling of the place; damp and mystical it's the perfect place to write, read or draw.  It has the air of a fairy story- as if a troll or goblin might jump out at any moment (and hopefully a friendly one!) Sadly the whole area is currently under threat from planners hoping to build homes right across the valley (you can sign the petition to stop it HERE). This is one of the only easily accessible green spaces in our town and acts as a contemplative space for the whole community. It's so difficult to find these spaces in communities now and we are very lucky to have one. To be able to walk for a few miles without seeing a soul is a rarity in the centre of a town. It has since ancient times offered this to people and it seems extremely rash to plonk houses on top of it. 

I so hope that the plans don't go ahead, Penryn will be much worse off for it. Not only will it loose hundreds of years of history but it will also loose an important space for meeting, thinking and breathing! 

These photographs are extremely silly, I was feeling full of summer joy and excitement. It was 20 degrees and the woodland offered a welcome shade from the intensity of the muggy, dusty heat in town. I'm turning 25 tomorrow so I'm also trying very hard to maintain all my silliness and not grow-up at all! I have lots of exciting plans coming up in aid of my birthday and forthcoming adulthood including a Medieval banquet & a grown-up themed party. I'm also nearly finished making my Adulthood zine which will be published next weekend ready for this on Saturday, I'll also have some paintings there and there will be music and fun and hopefully laughter, please come along if you are in Falmouth! For all my internet pals the zine will also be available in digital format through my shop.

See you all when I'm 25!

Outfit Details

Dress (now a jumpsuit) - Etsy

Embroidered cap - Penny MacBeth

Jelly shoes - JuJu Footwear



  1. That looks wonderful, you look like you've just stepped off the Murder Under The Sun film set.
    Have a fab birthday! xxx

  2. amazing! your jumpsuit looks so cool! hope you have a happy birthday :)

  3. Best print everrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am so with you about Instagram. I am in touch with you there.

  4. How beautiful!! What a great jumpsuit - now to get a photo of you and Vix in both of yours, that would be awesome. x
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY youngster!

  5. Such a beautiful area! I love that your country has so much history, there's nothing much older than 200 or 300 years here in the states! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Well done on the jumpsuit-frock!! Vix will be proud. Happy 25th to you, tis a good age to be, how I would love to turn the clock back!!

  7. You look amazing and I love the idea of turning a dress into a jumpsuit, so cool :) xx

  8. Hope yesterday was fabulous - happy, happy (day ago) birthday sweet Lally.
    You have definitely exerted the Vix magic touch here with the transformation. Mind you, such great fabric in the initial dress to play with; now mesmerising as a jumpsuit.
    And aaaaargh, I so fervently hope that the planners don't get their way with this beautiful spot...

  9. Happy birthday, although I hope you never grow up!
    Brilliant remake, turning a languishing dress into jumpsuit worthy of a forest sprite. Your photos always trigger some wonderful flight of fancy. I hope your woods remain untouched!

  10. Happy Birthday. Great re-do on the dress.