Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ronchetti's Ices

I spent last weekend in the very South of Cornwall. The village I was visiting, Newlyn, is a tiny place known mainly for it's thriving fishing port. It is also home to Jelbert's, a fabulously old-fashioned ice cream shop that serves only one flavour- vanilla. Customers get two wafers and can choose from the addition of a flake and/or clotted cream. There are absolutely no frills to the experience; the shop is stark and utilitarian- completely white and with just one counter and an ancient till.  One of life's greatest joys is a small tub of Jelbert's and a wander along the seafront towards Penzance. I managed to eat two Jelbert's whilst I was there this weekend (that's one a day and I probably could of scoffed more).

 Jelbert's has no branding (unless you count the fab blue & white sign) but it got me thinking about all the frill and fancy of Italian Gelato. I've always loved the ornate labels with lots of gilding and laughing ladies. My mum used to buy a brilliant Tiramisu flavour gelato from Lidl when I was a teenager; it had an incredible baroque label with cherubs and Acanthus leaves, sadly it was discontinued years ago.  My maternal Great-Granddad was Italian, I take my middle name, Ronchetti from him. Although he didn't make ice cream (or any of his ancestors I don't think) Ronchetti makes such a fabulous name for an ice cream! I'm almost tempted to start my own..

My outfit was inspired unusually by Dolce & Gabbana's Sicilian inspired Spring/Summer 2013 collection, I so rarely chose to reference catwalk collections however I loved this one. Stripes somehow feel like the perfect pattern to contemplate and serve ice cream in. I love the headscarves too (very practical for keeping my long locks away from the ices). 

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013
Source: 1

Vintage Italian packaging had a big part to play too, I sadly cannot find the exact frilly labels I remember enjoying as a teenager. Luckily there are lots of other brilliant ice cream brands out there (and ice cream accompaniments!)
Mottarello Gelato
Source: 2

Amarena Cherries by Fabbri (a delicious accompaniment to ice cream or gelato)
Source: 3

San Pellegrino advertisements are another wonderful example of Italian design (and perfect for washing down an ice with); this one is so like the skirt of my dress! 

San Pellegrino Advertisement
Source: 4
San Pellegrino Advertisement
Source: 5

Sicilian horse carts inspired the Dolce & Gabbana collection mentioned above. I have two miniature versions sitting on my mantlepiece, they both belonged to my Great-Aunt, she was the daughter of my Italian Great-Granddad. She spent a lot of time in Italy and had a brilliant selection of souvenirs that she bought back. She spoke Italian in a broad Brummy accent and hated pasta unless it was cooked to mush; a true Brit! If I did make Gelato, I'd want to deliver the gelato in one of these: 

There are many wonderful Italian 1920s & 30s ice cream shops still open around the UK. Morelli's is excellent, I visited their Selfridge's branch to celebrate an essay hand in a few years ago but I'd LOVE to visit the original in Broadstairs. Just look at that sign!

Morelli's, Broadstairs, Kent
Source: 6
I Should also mention Minghella's Icecream - truly delicious if you get the chance to sample one of their 170 flavours do, it's the best!

It's gorgeous weather here in Cornwall and one of the pivotal moments in the Cornish calendar starts tomorrow: The Sea Shanty Festival. I'll be visiting this weekend so I'll be sure to capture my outfit (which will of course be themed). Enjoy the sunshine!

*I should mention that there is a distinct difference between gelato and ice cream, you can read more about it here.

Outfit Details

Ex-theatre striped cotton dress - Fancy dress shop

Chequered silk scarf - Belonged to my Mum

1990s Hobbs shoes - Belonged to my Mum

Giant badge with crochet pattern - Car boot sale

1970s  beaded choker - Oxfam



  1. This is beautiful...adore the skirt, so wonderful!! x

  2. love your edits, as well as the inspiration you used for this outfit! <3

  3. What a fab costume, you look amazing. Love the sweet little pom pom cart, too. Is it wrong to hate ice cream? I do! x

    1. It's not wrong at all! I know lots of people who hate it, I don't think I had a choice as my Italian granny fed it to me from the get go! X

  4. I love this style of dress from the Mediterranean woman, it would be nice if in Italy, occasionally, women be dressed in this way, instead of copying look foreign to our culture!
    The surname Ronchetti would be perfect for an artisan producer of ice cream! In my city (Pisa) my favorite ice cream is "De Knives!", Does taste very natural and seasonal local produce, you've made me want ice cream!
    They're cute labels "vintage" of Italian products and photos of this post, fantastic!

  5. Super cool designs! I like it!

  6. Oh Lally. I love the way you think. I am also a lover of beautiful labels (and ice cream). You could truly be a gelato model. I love just north of the Mexican border. Here's a Mexican ice cream label that I think you might like

    1. Oh it's fab! I love the variety of labels from across the globe, so fascinating! X