Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pearl of the Danube

It's been an awfully long time. I really didn't mean for so much time to develop between my last post and this one but life has been rather busy of late. I spent a week in London seeing friends, catching up on exhibitions and writing then I went straight to the very Southern tip of Cornwall for a week. This is my first stationary day in quite some time and will be my last until next week so a blog post had to be squeezed in between washing and hoovering!

Being in constant motion, and living out of a suitcase, has made me consider dressing in a completely new way. I've become pretty adapt at rehashing an outfit over several days, changing the top, accessories or shoes. It's been a useful learning curve as I've always been firmly in the new outfit every day camp.  Dressing for comfort has certainly never been a priority for me, and still isn't really, but if I was going to dabble in it this two piece fits the bill. It's a lovely soft jersey and is perfect for travelling in as it's a bit like jim jams for the daytime. It's also wonderful because I can wear it together or as separates which is extremely handy when vying for space when packing.

The print is really what caught my eye though; Hungarian embroidery of the sort found on the intricate lace waistcoats used for folk dancing.
Hungarian waistcoat available on Etsy
Hungarian embroidery
Source: 1

The ensemble was a late birthday gift from my lovely mum to go alongside my main birthday gift - a trip to Budapest! I'm so excited as I have always wanted to visit. I love Hungarian folk costumes so I can't wait to see them in the flesh at The Museum of Hungarian Applied Folk Art and to visit the beautiful baths across the city. I'm not off until November so if any of you have any tips for things to do/ places to eat/ places to buy folk art/costumes please do let me know! I love to have a bit of insider knowledge when I'm off to somewhere new.

The photographs were taken in my bedroom, it's rather dark in there during the day due to being right at the back of the house. However, now that the warm weather has finally arrived I've been able to throw open my windows and let the light stream in. It's a wonderful place to sit and read and write. 

Being in motion has been very useful for writing (I find it, for one reason or another, enormously difficult to write at home). I've begun a very exciting written project and for the first time in a long time I've very excited about putting it together - more on it at a later date! I find I go through stages of craving travel and at the moment I'm in the throws of needing to spread my limbs. Long journeys are providing the perfect space in which to work and think.

In other news, inspired by my cults & communes post last month, I'm putting together a new zine on the subject of cults - religious ones, cliques, cult films etc etc - I'd love submissions of poetry, painting, stories, collage or whatever else takes your fancy. Email them to me by Monday 10th August.

I hope you are all well. I'll be back at home next week and I have plenty of exciting posts planned for the rest of August!

Outfit Details

 Two piece printed with Hungarian embroidery - Jaded LDN via ASOS
Pom pom headdress - Penny MacBeth
Clear jelly shoes - a gift 
Feather necklace - market stall



  1. You are always ART in motion, dear Lally.Such an inspiration and joy

  2. Budapest! Ohhhh!!!! I have been saving my pennies for a trip to Budapest. Probably some time next year. How exciting for you. Just like you I am totally bonkers over folklore costumes, Mexican, Russian, Norwegian, Indian, whatever. I just love 'em. And you, dear Lally are like a souvenir doll come to life.

  3. My brother went to Budapest last year and loved it and said it was extremely cheap, too!
    Good to see you back, loving the two piece. Living out of a bag - I'm into my seventh week of it now, it does make you evaluate the way you dress. xxx

  4. that two-piece was literally made for you, you look so confident and in your element amongst the colours and textures


  5. Love love this outfit, this two piece has been on my wishlist for a while, it's too perfect :))) xx

  6. Lally, your photos always take my breath away. I love how you frame these and the contrasts between the dark and the blasts of colour. And I love your outfit. I checked out Jaded, although it's the way you wear this that makes it so special. I'm happy for you and your impending trip to Hungary in November. What a dream gift.

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  8. And 'this beautiful your dress; it is your style and gives you much. You remind me of a doll Hungarian who gave me my grandmother in the late 70s, I was very small so was saved from my hands, and it is still full! And 'one of the things I love most, so many memories and then I love Hungary. I traveled across the country, the lakes, good food, a castle saved from destruction by the Turks and then ... Budapest!
    The city I can recommend the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he kept a picture that I love so much "Jael and Sisera" by Artemisia Gentileschi, close them there is another place that enchanted me, Kerepesi Cemetery, I I visited in 2005, I hope he has retained its charm and decadent Gothic, surrounded by nature a little 'wild and full of Hungarian history.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips! I love Gentileschi so I will certainly visit there. I will also look up the cemetery. X

  9. That first photo is postcard-worthy; I'd definitely buy it! Such a brilliant outfit (with both meanings intended, of course, as in, brilliant/great and brilliant/vibrantly jewel-like).
    Yay for London exhibitions too. Still feeling so inspired by Sonia Delaunay.
    Yes, being in motion is surprisingly galvanising writing-wise, along with sitting in cafes over several excellent coffees.

  10. I like what I see :)

  11. Ah, darn... I wish I had read this post & the part about the zine earlier. I am glad that your (writing) juices are flowing again & that you're able to travel & write! :)
    As always I love the photographs! Your floral headdress makes the extraordinaire outfit even more gorgeous!