Tuesday, 29 September 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you will have spotted this dress before when I excitedly posted about it a couple of weeks ago. It's got to be my number one charity shop find ever. I bought it a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Worcester on a trip to visit my Grandpa. I always love trotting around the charity shops in Worcester, there are hundreds so it takes an entire afternoon. We rarely have time to do them all. The shop I bought this in nearly got left out but I decided to nip in quickly. I spied this handmade beauty nearly instantly - the pattern makes it hard to miss! I turned over the label... £5!! I ran to the till extremely quickly, trying desperately to contain my excitement. It surely was the bargain of the century. I wasn't entirely sure it was going to fit, in fact I'd almost completely resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn't but thought I could refashion the fabric. Low and behold when I tried it on it was near perfect. 

I'm off to Berlin next Monday and I can't wait to waltz around the streets in this. The pattern reminds me a lot of GDR designed products so it'll fit in well against the murals and this shop selling former GDR products.

I hate packing so it's great having cotton dresses as they are ultra light, take up little space and leave plenty of room for all the vintage I'll be buying at Humana! I've been to Berlin once before but I didn't really get to do half the exploring I wanted to. This time I'll be visiting Potsdam one of the days I'm there and this amazing intact 19th century apartment alongside a host of other treats. 

I've always had a soft spot for Berlin. My favourite books as a teenager were Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin and Mr Norris Changes Trains (often merged into one volume - The Berlin Stories), both are set in Berlin in the 1930s and wonderfully evocative of the period (including the terror). There are many scenes set in the Kit Kat Club (a supposedly fictionalised club - I thought it was real until I was researching this...). The cabaret scene was huge in 1930s Berlin and I can't wait to explore it. In homage to it I'm listening to a few of favourite Jazz albums in these pictures: Kind of Blue by Mile Davis and Pretty Woman by Duke Ellington.

The cactus lamp was a car boot find last year. I'd be searching for one for years and suddenly there were two! I've since found another. They are magic when they are lit; super kitsch and utterly perfect for almost all occasions!

I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the sunshine (can you believe it finally decided to come out!) I'd love to know any tips you have for places to see, eat or shop in Berlin!  I'll see you all soon with snaps from Berlin.

Outfit Details

1970s cotton dress - charity shop
Suede platforms - Urban Outfitters



  1. That dress is gorgeous and a perfect fit, I love it on you. There are loads of chazzas in Worcester, I haven't been for ages! I might have to take a trip.
    Have a wonderful time in Berlin.xxxx

  2. What a deal, this dress is amazing! And 'perfect for you and I'd immediately ..wow! I do not think that these were cactus lamp, I thought it was a real cactus! They need to be strong when they are lit! I have a rabbit and a duck lamp! Long live the kitsch!
    I've never been to Berlin .. if you go there I would like to visit the remains of the Wall, the Rosa Luxembourg bridge where he had to go and maybe leave a rose there .... I'm a little 'decadent today, even decadent Berlin is also very green! And I know a strange vegan restaurant in the Gothic style, but I do not remember the name ... I have to ask my "Him"! Here in Tuscany there are a lot of sun and, unfortunately, a lot of wind ... Good night!

  3. What a beautiful dress and such a bargain. Have a fabulous time in Berlin.xx

  4. I didn't know that was a cactus light. I looove that! I have a pineapple which I also adore but the cord is unsightly.
    But YOU are sightly. Absolutely gorgeous. The dress was longing for you, clearly. Always your photos create an ambiance I want to jump into. Like listening to jazz. Berlin? It's a city of mystery and romance in my imagination. I look forward to your report.

  5. gorgeous dress! I can see why you're so excited to wear it (and it's always good when it's a bargain too!) Enjoy Berlin :)


  6. Adore this dress and I always love your home too!! Have a wonderful time in Berlin x

  7. That dress is wonderful and fits you to perfection. You look like a country girl with your lovely fresh faced complexion. £5.00! Bargain of the century. I've never been to Berlin but everyone comes back very enthused, so I'm sure you'll have a blast. Xxxx

  8. That dress is so frickin' great! Perfect cut and patterns you look wonderful! Just about to post a letter to you, so many months late - and we were in Berlin at the same time!! X