Saturday, 21 November 2015

All Day Breakfast

I mentioned a while ago that I had begun writing a cookbook. Well, I've spent the last few months testing, writing and editing recipes for the first chapter. It's been an enormously enjoyable experience. Cooking is my second greatest love next to clothes so spending time writing about it has been an absolute dream! I'm very lucky to come from a family of editors so it's now being sent off  for several rounds of proof-reads and then off to the publishing houses I go to try my luck. Whatever the results I'm very happy to be back in the swing of writing, and I feel immensely proud of what I've put together. 

As part of the first chapter my mum and I shot photographs for a select few of my favourite recipes. Although I'm not going to reveal the final images I thought I'd share a few behind the scenes pictures from our day snapping. We had such fun taking the pictures and then eating all the food - what a dream!

The weather has been truly truly awful in Cornwall this week so I have to apologise for no outfit posts but one will be coming soon I promise. Then at the beginning of December I'm off to London again for work and a little bit of pre-Christmassy cheer. I love London in December more than any other month: the crisp air, twinkly lights and misty mornings - it's magic. If anyone is around and free send me an email and maybe we can grab hot chocolate at some point. 

Outfit Details

1980s lace top - Dorothy Perkins via my mum

1970s cotton lace print skirt - Charity shop

Green children's ski t-shirt - Lidl



  1. Oh my gosh that's so exciting you are working on a cookbook! These dishes look absolutely stunning, and delicious!

  2. The three words every girl wants to hear... (I eat all the time) These photos look amazing Lally! So glad everything is going well so far :)

  3. How exciting, I know the book will be a visual feast!
    I've got a roll of that grass printed plastic in the shed, I must look it out, a brilliant idea for a tablecloth. xxx

  4. Oh I really hope something comes of it Lally. Based on what you've said and what I've seen in the past, I reckon it would be packed full of exactly the recipes I love. I'm probably better at the eating than the cooking side of things if the truth be told 😋 Lovely visuals too. Xxx