Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Budapest: Part 1

Hello! I'm back! Budapest was AMAZING. Possibly the most beautiful city I've ever been fortunate enough to step foot in. The architecture is mesmerisingly great and the colours! Everything is shades of pastel: yellow, green, pink, blue. I saw so much whilst we were there but I still feel as if I just skimmed the surface. I didn't even start on the Buda side and there are folk shows to see, day excursions to the countryside etc etc! Anyway I've made it my mission to go back - and soon. 

I took nearly 700 photographs so I'll spare you and just post the best. There will be more to come -these are just the pics from my iphone! I'm going to the split the days up. So to begin with here are a few from when we first arrived and the first day (and a little of the second!) I didn't want to bombard you all too much but I just have so many pictures I want share...! 

My companions for the trip were my lovely mum (in the pink fluffy coat - that she stitched herself for the trip!), the wonderful and ever cheerful Glyn (in the fluffy hat), and the fabulous Suzanne (with the gorgeous red hair).

The photographs above were taken in the New York Cafe below our hotel, it was the most photogenic place; gorgeous ceilings and so so much gilding! We didn't eat there as it's a wee bit pricey but it was great to ogle it each morning as we left the hotel. 

The Great Synagogue, sadly we didn't make it in but next time!

The Central Market Hall
The Central Market Hall

We spent a lot of time wandering around the Central Market. It's filled with paprika stands (a must buy when in Budapest), fruits, vegetables and all manner of embroidered wonders. I bought a wonderful embroidered shirt which you'll see in the next post and also several headdresses and a little felt hat. It was pretty much my dream place, I think I could of spent the entire holiday wandering the aisles!

My new headdress from the market

 After our first day wandering, shopping at the market and admiring the beautiful architecture we visited Szechenyi Baths. Only the out door baths were open as we arrived late but it was so beautiful with the steam billowing into the night sky. The entrance hall was pretty magnificent too...

After our bath we all sampled some mineral water. 

On the second day we again spent the morning wandering and visiting a couple of charity shops! I bought a wonderful embroidered waistcoat from a vintage shop which I think I might never take off!
Then it was into St Stephen's Basilica which was one of the most OTT places I've ever been in (and that's saying something). 

Where do we go next? Check back tomorrow for more pictures! 

Outfit Details

First Evening

Velvet jumpsuit - Asos
Lime cardigan - Uniqlo
Bavarian hat - Vintage shop in Berlin
1990s boots - Flea market

First Day

Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo shirt
1930s satin slip dress - Car boot sale

Second Day

1930s lace and cotton shirt - Flea market
1930s satin slip dress - Car boot sale
Silk scarf - Charity shop
Floral head scarf - Accessorize
Embroidered waistcoat - Vintage shop in Budapest


  1. Obsessed with the first outfit, sounds like a fantastic trip for appreciating architecture, building facades and collecting hats!


  2. I love Budapest! These photos are wonderful, I'm not bored, I do not want any other! Your new hat is very nice, it is perfectly you! How many dolls, the largest remember my doll Hungarian 70s! Sooner or later I have to photograph it! ... That paprika and Hungarian markets! WOW! I love the architecture ... see you soon!



  3. Such a fairytale setting, postcard perfect! The hotel looks ridiculously piosh and swanky and you looks fabulous. I bet you bought everything, I would have done! xxx

  4. All gorgeous! What a beautiful place Budapest is and you've caught it beautifully, and you look fab. I'd have bought everything in sight there!xxx

  5. Ohhhh. I'm saving my pennies for a trip to Budapest! That headdress was just waiting for you to buy it.

  6. Oh WOW!!! What an amazing place Budapest is, thank you so much for sharing your trip.

  7. What gorgeous architecture...I love it. Must visit here one day x

  8. As soon as I saw your photos I said to Q, would you like to go to Budapest? He said yes, so I reckon one of these days I might follow in your footsteps and buy myself a matching headdress in that market. What's the paprika all about? Ooh hot baths in the open air, so decadent and luxurious. I've done it in Bath, but this looks much better! Xxx