Friday, 11 December 2015

Lady Luck

It's little strange but I've always had amazing luck when it comes to winning competitions. My winning streak began age 6 when I won a Crayola colouring competition for my drawing of Oranmore Castle. Then came Goldfish at the fair (though for some reason I opted for the plastic crown and necklace set instead...!), magazines, days out etc etc. This year has been particularly lucky I've won tickets to the Liberty exhibition at The Fashion and Textile Museum, a beautiful handmade ring from Miranda Hope and finally I've just won an amazing selection of items from Eat.Me.Do. They are a fab Australian company specialising in all things sweet and tasty - think jelly baby earrings, sweet packet purses and cheez-it rings! I've followed them on instagram for a while so I was delighted to win. The package included this very sweet Afternoon Delight dress, it's emblazoned with teddy bears, cakes, jam mallows (my favourite and a staple in every Irish child's diet, although I wasn't really allowed them) and, to stop it being completely cutesy, ants! It's completely different to anything I'd usually wear as I tend to opt for long flowing dresses in 70s shapes but I love this dress so much I've worn it twice! It's cut really well and I love the illustration style, I hadn't realised but my friend Isa worked on the illustration for this collection. I love her work so I was very happy when she told me, it reminded me a lot of her things and I was glad it was hers and not just someone ripping her off!

Teddy bear's picnic's are close to my heart, my granny was a bear lover and started a picnic for the children of Worcester when my granddad was mayor. Yesterday would have been her 83rd birthday. My granny was one of my favourite people so I always like to spend a little time thinking about her on the 10th December as I think birthdays are better  to remember than other anniversaries. I'm sure she would of liked this dress enormously - anything with bears on was good in her book.  

The package also contained a cropped t-shirt and some socks. Here's the t-shirt (just to prove that I do actually go out and about dressed like this), I wore it with some sparkly hot pants I got in the Topshop sale a million years ago. They were very heavily reduced and I leapt on them. They've formed the basis for many outfits over the years but I feel this t-shirt is their perfect match.

Christmas is coming and I'm jolly excited! I love making mince pies, decorating the tree and wearing glitter, I'll be back next week with a VERY festive post.

In other news a Christmas cocktail recipe I put together will be featured in The Guardian's Cook magazine tomorrow (Saturday), hooray!

Outfit Details

Afternoon Delight dress - Eat.Me.Do

1950s velvet turban hat - Vintage shop 

Bavarian folk dancing clogs - Car boot sale

Pink tights - New Look 



  1. This dress is really cute, I like the blue along with bright pink stockings! And the illustrations on the dress are really adorable! Ah, grandmothers! They were always on!

  2. All the best people are Sagittarius, I bet your Grandma was lovely.
    A great dress and such a simple shape, I bet you could whip up a few more if you can find some quirky kids curtains and duvet covers.

  3. I love these two looks! Love the colors and the styling is just divine. How lucky are you to win just great pieces!


  4. Wow you really are lucky!! This is such a fun outfit!

  5. yess! I was so happy when I saw you won this because I knew you'd do an amazing job styling it and you did! You look great, but distinctly different from the folk/ vintage 70s dresses and fur hats I normally associate with your personal style

    I've also won a few competitions off instagram this year, including a vegan leather jacket which was hand painted with stickers from Esther Loves You and a tote bag last week+
    Here's hoping 2016 is still lucky for both of us :P

  6. Lucky Girl! That is a lovely dress - very different from your usual style but looks adorable on you. Sequinned hot pants are the perfect thing to wear with the cropped T.

  7. Lucky indeed! That's a gorgeous dress and you wear it well. Absolutely love the clogs too! Only you can pull off Bavarian dancing clogs with such

  8. How wonderful to be lucky! You look fab in that dress. It's a great colour and shape. I think you did absolutely the right thing in the goldfish v necklace/crown affair. My teddy bear was my faithful companion until I went to boarding school aged 8. Teddy bear's picnic was my favourite song, so I'm quite sure I would have liked your granny very much indeed. Sparkly hotpants and bright pink tights = fab-u-lous! Enjoy Xmas Lally. Xxx

  9. You look marvellous :)) Hope your Christmas was bliss and your New Year will be so grand xx

  10. Ah, you have made the dress so totally 'you' with the styling, and as for the sparkly hot pants: wow! Hope they got plenty of outings over the festive season. Wishing you a bright, vibrant 2016, filled with hope for good things.