Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas, New Year and the Days Between

Italian evening: I'm dressed as a Gondolier and my brother is Pavarotti! 
What a terribly long absence there seems to have been. I can't apologise enough. December turned into one of those months that seemed to gobble it's self up until there was nothing left and suddenly it was January. I had grand plans for Christmas posts, New Year posts but sadly they were not to be this season - next year I promise! Instead I have for you a curated selection of my favourite moments from Christmas, New Year and the days in-between.  For Christmas we travelled all the way to the far clutches of the North York Moors to my Aunt and Uncles home and then back to Cornwall for New Year. It was a blur of food, laughter and rain (SO much rain!). I had so much fun indulging in giggling with my brother and cousins, eating too much chocolate and generally forgetting reality. It was the perfect festive season. I didn't even take that many photographs, I suppose I was too wrapped up (ged it!) in all the fun of the moment! So here they are my favourite Christmas moments (that sounds like a naff chocolate selection box):

Beautifully decorated cake (by my ma)
A bottle Absinth found in the cupboard and sampled with much glee 
Homemade Sloe gin and present unwrapping
Lovely new cotton neckerchief and red polo neck (I get one every year because I love them so much!)
Gifts: 3 costume dollies and a 1950s biscuit tin 
A very rainy walk in my new fluffy coat
Sopping wet by the usually trickling stream (it was quite terrifying hence my nervy expression)
My brother in the first bit of sun in days

Apples for homemade cider production
Coleslaw of red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, carrots, beetroot, smoked garlic, onion, dill and mayonaise. 
Post dinner chaos
My cousin and brother doing a good job of lounging in tweeds

Kir Royale (Prosecco and Chambord), so tasty!

I hope you all had a very happy festive time! What did you all get up to?
See you for a proper post very soon.



  1. Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas and festive season! Too bad about the rain though, but it's the perfect excuse to stay cosy inside and indulge in lots of delicious food. Happy 2016, also love your yellow top. Can't wait to see what the year has in store for you

  2. Lovely to see your big Christmas adventure. Your brother and cousin look a picture in their tweeds by the fireplace. All they're missing is David Niven! :) I've heard a lot about this Chambard, must try it soon. Yes, Yorkshire sure was wild and wet, but you still manage to look very glam. Those dollies are fab and giggling sounds perfecto! Xxx

  3. December is such a busy time! I had hoped to squeeze in a few more Christmas posts but just couldn't find the time. Oh well! It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time, you are all looking great! Happy New Year!

  4. Looks and sounds like the best of times: plenty of family, food, good cheer and dressing up. You also have the very coat I have been looking out for (in vain I might add).

  5. Christmas looked like a wonderful time for you and family. I hope the New Year will be bliss xx

  6. What a Wonderful Time your Holidays were and what a Good Looking Family you all are! Thank You for Sharing a slice of your Festivities with us... a Happy and Prosperous New Year being Wished for you in 2016... Dawn... The Bohemian