Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I was recently invited to The National Theatre to watch Damon Albarn, Rufus Norris and Moira Buffini's . Luckily I was in London for work so was able to watch it last Friday evening after work. I love the National Theatre so it was a delight to be able to visit. 

Initially I wasn't sure how I felt about a re-working of Alice in Wonderland, I love the book and I really hate to see things trashed so I approached the evening with a little trepidation. Having seen the production I'm still not entirely sure it needed to be done. The plot at times was a little wishy washy, and I found some of the script a little obvious in it's projection of teenage life and dialect. However, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. Visually the show was spectacular, from the digital Cheshire cat, to the stage sets and dazzling costumes. The intensity of the visuals meant that you very much got sucked into the production, it was engrossing in the same way scrolling through Instagram can be. It really was like falling down the rabbit hole, I was left feeling bamboozled and heady which I suppose is what one would want from going through the looking glass.

The attention to detail in the foyer and shop area pleased me greatly. The interactive displays they had outside in the foyer, were particularly great. It was so much fun bopping the cakes on this interactive table and listening to the funny noises they made.

All in all it was glitzy and fun, exactly what a musical should be. is not going to break any boundaries but then I'm not sure musicals need to, sometimes being entertaining is enough.

Inspired by my trip to I dressed up as Alice and wandered into my own wonderland. There I met my favourite critter Gremlina, and we stopped for a cup of tea and a chatter. 

She was mostly well-behaved apart from slurping her tea a little loudly. 

Wonderland is a fun place to visit but there comes a time when reality calls and the washing up, hoovering, and dusting must be done.

See you all soon.

Outfit Details

1950s cotton floral frock - car boot sale
Velvet thigh boots - H&M
Alice in Wonderland earrings - a gift from my mum several years ago



  1. It sounds like that would be a very fun show to witness! I can just imagine all the wild splashes of color everywhere, and the wonderful costumes.

  2. What a pretty dress. I watched the trailer for Wonder.Land. Hmmm....the costumes looked fun. And that lobby is definitely worth the trip. But I like your tea party better.

  3. your outfit is so amazing, especially love the glasses. I got Gucci 2016 vibes <3_<3

  4. Reality spoils all the fun doesn't it? Still, with an imagination like yours I'm sure it's not for long :) I don't know anything about this production but being at the NT sounds great and the foyer looks fab. I love your new suit, the red beret and the thigh high boots. Gremlina sounds like perfect company. Sometimes I like to slurp my drinks, makes them taste better and apparently in China it is considered polite. Well, that's what I always say when my boyfriend accuses me of slapping my chips too much! Xxxx

  5. Drooling over your dress and adventure

  6. Your dress is fantastic, as well as photos!
    I read Alice In Wonderland in an afternoon, at the time of high school, I loved that book, the original illustrations, and still sometimes I flip through and I read here and there ..
    If you had any doubts about this theatrical adaptation I think it's good, it means that something good was, if it makes you think and mull over! And then you're lucky, in Italy all this is absent in the theater ..

  7. What a fabulous exhibition and you are a dream in your pretty tea dress! xxx

  8. A wondrous adventure and you look absolutely lovely. Who wouldn't have fun with interactive cakes?xxx