Thursday, 31 March 2016

Feeling Blue

It's been a while (nearly a whole month in fact) since I last graced this page. That's pretty pitiful but life has rather got in the way of late and if I'm honest I haven't felt all that enamoured with the idea of blogging recently. Other things have taken precedent. I touched on it in my last post but it seems I am less and less inclined to spend time prancing about in groovy ensembles for the camera. It's not that I don't wear them day to day - colour and pattern still very much rule my life but it does seem that my style has been morphing a little of late. I'm not sure if this is the advent of turning 26 in a few months time and feeling I have to rehearse the possibility of what it might mean to be an adult (and the wardrobe that will belong to my adult self) or the fact that a growing moth infestation has meant some of my most favoured pieces have had to be binned. Possibly the later as I've never much cared for age appropriate dressing. A new style of dressing is sometimes difficult when it comes to blogging... I feel I am gravitating away from the themed posts of the last few years into a new era. Although I may still theme outfits sometimes, I also might not. Either way I want this blog to always be a fun space and I don't want it to become one track in it's outlook so things will be changing over the coming months (for the better I hope!)

Now this ensemble... I purchased this blue shirt/dress/coat from the newest charity shop in town on it's grand opening day, I leapt towards it with great vigour. It was a little pricier than the usual items I purchase from chazzas however I knew when I saw it that it would become an instant staple. I love the cool waftiness of it and the colour is just magnificent. I also rather like that it's a bit French smock like in it's shape.

I've been painting a lot of late mostly towards Ancient Scent an exhibition to be held in Lamorna Village Hall in October. It'll be a culmination of several months of experimental workshops that we've been holding at the hall exploring automatic and surrealist techniques of the artist Ithell Colquhoun, who lived and worked in Lamorna from 1950s-1970s. There are 15 other artists taking part, and so far it's been the most uplifting and glorious experience. We've thus far had 2 sessions with the 3rd coming up in mid-April. I'll be posting a lot more about this project in the coming months but for now here's what Hector Nit (my alter-ego for this process) has been up to:

Hector is somewhat of a budding fossil hunter, an ametuer palentolgist and an all round celebrator of prehistoric beasts, plants and landscapes. His automatic drawings reveal wild animals of questionable origins and species long since extinct:

If you've not tried automatic drawing, it's enormously fun. Grab some paper and your favourite pen to draw with, close your eyes and clear your mind and draw. Open you eyes and see what you've jotted down, what can you see? Draw into the lines, dots, squiggles (or whatever mark has taken your fancy) to make an image. Try not to think to hard about what's on the page but go with first images that jump out at you.

Strange & Rare Specimen, acrylic, enamel and collage, 2016 

See below for my own rare specimen: Gremlina.

I'm off to London for the next few weeks so I'll see you all in April. I'm so excited about my trip as there are 101 good exhibitions on at the moment. Can't wait to see the Hilma af Klint at The Serpentine and the Marian Clayden at the FTM. I'm also going to see Hot Sugar play again which will be dreamy, I'm delightfully happy that his show coincided with my trip.

I'll let Hot Sugz play me out XO

Outfit Details

Blue cotton coat dress - Cancer Research charity shop
Floral trousers leggings (I refuse to use the term treggings) - Uniqlo
Poloneck t-shirt - Orla Kiely for Uniqlo
Turquoise high heeled jellies - JuJu Footwear
Faux fur hat - River Island


  1. My favourite colour! A fabulous outfit, glad you don't use the terrible "T" word either!
    Have a fab time in London. x

  2. Looking absolutely divine and shimmery in blue. You coat is fantstic and it's great to see you sporting a pair of JuJu jellies-I haven't had the chance to wear mine yet so I'm happy to see that you are.
    Love you work;it's very inspirational and Hetcor is a gent! I do like a bit of automatic drawing. I like to do it when I can't think of anything to draw and it's soon sets me going.

  3. That coat dress looks awesome, I love how you can see the trousers' pattern underneath it! :)
    It's okay if you don't post as regular as before, this is your blog & you write for fun. ;)

  4. Such a lovely outfit, especially with that furry hot on top, Lally. I know what you mean about prancing about for the camera, I rarely manage it, it's such an effort. I think one's personal style constantly morphs, that's what keeps it fun and creative. I've heard of 'jeggings' (shudder) but not treggings. Ah well, I'll live. Automatic drawing, this is news to me, but it's looks great fun. So liberating to just use paint and markmaking without worrying about the result, sort of like childrens' approach to art I guess? Xxx

  5. Oh my. You are completely tangled up in blue. How lovely. Hector has kept you very busy with all that tromping around the digs. I love the "Strange and Rare Specimen." You just keep doing what you do and give us a peek once in a while and everybody will be happy as can be.

  6. Such a gorgeous outfit, love the hat and coat together the colour is exquisite. Good luck for your upcoming exhibition, and have heaps of fun exploring London and finding new inspiration there

  7. can't decide what I like more: the outfit or the wall color. Or maybe the cabinet.

  8. I definitely feel a similar sense of disengagement with'prancing' in front of the camera. I love clothes, I love dressing and style- but how much I feel the need/excitement to photograph that, I'm unsure.

    Look forward to seeing more Hector. I haven't done automatic drawing in so long, you've inspired me to give it okay again sometime soon. Also I think you'll love the Hilma AF Klint exhibition! I was lucky enough to see it recently, and it was so so amazing! Her ideas and colours and imagery and character were super beautiful and interesting to me.


  9. Blue, perfect color for summers. Loved the outfit.