Wednesday, 18 May 2016


An extremely speedy set of pictures taken in between the rain storms today. It's just over a month until my birthday, this year it falls on another important day: The EU Referendum. I was pretty sad when I heard it'd be on my birthday, it could tarnish the day forever more! Nevermind I thought at least I can have a very well themed birthday party. So on the 23rd having crossed my paper I'll be munching on European snacks and celebrating all that is great about the EU with all my favourite people. I'll also hopefully be celebrating the near arrival of my Irish passport. I've been meaning to apply for dual citizenship for years so this has given me the incentive to do it. I'm really hoping we decide to stay, there are a multitude of reasons why. There are so many great things the EU have bought us LIDL for one! Cheap and easy travel! Al fresco dining! The working time directive! 

Either way my Irish passport is a very useful item, and I treasure the fact I am in the lucky position to be able to hold two passports. If we do decided to leave, there is a strong possibility that I'll upsticks back to Ireland.  

The outfit inspiration is all my favourite souvenirs from Europe: a Portuguese apron, a German brooch, Turkish slippers and Italian silk scarves. My costume for my party will be a little different to this, hopefully I can take some snaps that I can share with you all. It's going to be pretty mad (lots fake fruit and vegetables are involved.)  I've asked all guests to dress up so fingers crossed! 

If you haven't signed up to vote, and are eligible to do so, you can still do so in time to vote in the referendum. You have until the 7th of May, sign up here!

I'm off to London for a week with work this Saturday, and then off in France, and then London again so this'll be my last post for a while I think! Hoping to get some great snaps in France. I'm off to Saint Paul de Vence so send me tips if you've stayed there or nearby! I can't wait, it's my first time in the South of France! 

Outfit Details

1970s dress - Vintage Kilo Sale
Embroidered souvenir apron - Salvation Army
Souvenir scarves - belonged to my Great Aunt
Brocade slippers - Istanbul



  1. I couldn't agree more but I'm starting to think we're in the minority. Lucky you, having an escape route. We'll be at Glastonbury but have postal votes.
    Loving the multi cultural outfit, that dress is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see the photos. xxx

  2. Greetings from the Old Country. MY aunt used to call Europe that (she was born in Pittsburg, PA) even though she never set foot in Europe. Vote, then move on and deal with the outcome whatever it my be (I say that now but "President Trump" is frightening)

  3. You are a perfect and wonderful European, own style, personality, creativity .. you have roots and can unite different countries and cultures with your photographs and your clothes (which for me is art). You are lucky you have a choice, you have the pound yet. Life without the possibility of choice loses its value, for us Italians, many things have been an imposition. This Europe is not the union of citizens but only the strong powers, economy and greedy multinationals. I do not want this! I dream of a Europe where cultural differences are an asset rather than a reason to divide and create social ladders. There are so many dangers around us, those who should defend ourselves plotting against the citizens and I believe that only with the strength of our honesty and attention we can give Europe a chance, rather than a conviction.