Sunday, 12 June 2016

Adventuring in France: Part 1

Bonjour! I am fresh off the plane and home in sunny//rainy//sunny England (the weather is bonkers here in London). France was an utter delight. I spent an entire week dining on cheese, drinking rose, wandering around medieval towns and sunning myself, it was sheer bliss, I feel so sad to be home! I took hundreds of photographs so I'm chopping them up into bitesize chunks so as not to overwhelm you all! 

Today is my selection from our first day in France. We spent the morning exploring Saint Paul de Vence, the village nearest our villa. It's a wonderful medieval town with beautiful cobbled streets and views to die for. The weather was a little so so, very muggy and a little drizzly (but it brightened up the next day phewwww!)

 Having sampled the gelato, and checked out the numerous tiny chapels, we headed to the Foundation Maeght, an amazing sculpture gallery and garden, just around the corner from the village. They have all my favourites: Alexander CalderAnthony CaroBarbara Hepworth, so I was in absolute heaven wandering about. To top it off they had a temporary exhibition by Christo & Jeanne-Claude, including the amazing tower of barrels that I am standing by in the pictures below. The setting of the gallery is absolutely wonderful, with views right across the valley, and the sculptures are so thoughtfully integrated into the space. 

I'm so sleepy from all my travels that I'm going to bid you adieu now but I'll be back tomorrow with another post and more pictures and probably more writing (I'm feeling a little blah right now, my brain is mush from the muggy heat and lack of sleep!)

Hope you are all well and safe 

Outfit Details

Striped cotton 1950s sundress - car boot sale
Jelly shoes - JuJu Footwear
Striped cotton neckerchief - Tiger
Wicker bag - early birthday gift from my mumma


  1. Welcome home! France is a dream. I love how your car-booted frock matches the art work and living on rose and cheese? That sounds like my festival diet - fab!! xxx

  2. that dress is so lovely on you <3_<3