Monday, 13 June 2016

Adventuring in France: Part 2

I'm back with the second installment. I've actually skipped a day in favour of posting these pictures from our third day instead. It was the first day of truly glorious weather and we spent the day train hopping across the coast, we began at Cagnes sur Mer then stopped off at Villefranche sur Mer and then finally Monte Carlo in Monaco. 

Villefranche was one of the most spectacularly beautiful places I've ever visited, endlessly photogenic, every possible angle looked wonderful. As you can imagine I took quite a few snaps so I've drastically narrowed these down to my favourites. I was very happy with my outfit choice this day, I was going for French Riviera chic - the headscarf was also partially out of necessity as my hair went a bit fluffy and wild with the humidity.

The hotel above is one of the very fanciest in the town, right on the sea front with a view across the bay. I loved the sign, it looks like something straight out of a 1960s film. Hopefully when I win the lotto I can stay in one of those rooms up top! 

Chappelle St Pierre (below) was another favourite, utterly magnificent.

Monte Carlo was a little stranger in atmosphere, the Grand Prix was being packed away. All the stainless steel structures did rather dampen the vibe (and view) it was also dreadfully hot by the time we arrived so we all felt a bit bothered. Having climbed to the top to visit the Palais it cooled down a little and we were able to enjoy ourselves a little more. However for me it lacked the character that the crumbly medieval towns retain (despite being overrun with tourists). It was incredibly clean and everything was very pretty but I'm not sure I'd return in rush. I much much prefered Villefranche.

I still seem to have rather a lot of photos left to share so there'll be another post tomorrow (and maybe one the day after too!) X

Outfit Details

1950s cotton dress - car boot sale
Beaded choker necklace - car boot sale
Headscarf - nicked from my mum
Sunglasses - flea market stall on Brick Lane 


  1. the scenery is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. didn't the Rolling Stones record Exile on Main Street in Villefranche? It's so beauitful