Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Adventuring in France: Part 3

 Hello! More snaps from my trip. We spent this day exploring Saint Paul de Vence in the morning, we stumbled on the most amazing cemetery filled with tombs adorned with ceramic flowers. It was so moving, each had a little engraved phrase beneath 'mon amie', 'mon cherie' and my favourite 'regrets'. The photo above is me peering into another amazing chapel that we found, it was too dark to snap any pictures but I assure you it was very very beautiful.

In the afternoon we visited my top top place ever Matisse's chapel in Vence. We couldn't take pictures inside so here's one from google:

Source: 1
I really wanted a book on Matisse's chasubles that was in the bookshop but talked myself out of buying it (luggage constraints). I now deeply regret it as it seems to be pretty pricey online, I guess I'll just have to plan another trip to the chapel! Here's a sample of a page from the book:

Source: 2
Source: 3

Incredible right! What a talent he was. It really was the most moving experience inside the chapel, the light is like nothing else I've ever experienced. I definitely recommend a trip if you're nearby and if not watch this youtube snip.

Next we clambered back into the car and drove right up into the mountains along a very windy road to the little town of Grasse; famous for perfume and Fragonard! My two favourite things! We didn't spend very long there as we were a little tired from lots of walking the previous day but I did manage to slip in a quick visit to the costume museum. It was filled with glorious lace, jewellery and gowns from the 18th century so I was in heaven. I would have liked to visit the perfume museum and the Fragonard museum and the cathedral and a perfumery etc etc. The rest of the party were less enamoured with the place, and I can understand why it's a little rougher round the edges than many of the towns we visited but it has a such a rich history that I really feel it's a bit of a hidden gem. Anyway I will go back!! The cathedral has a Fragonard! I have to see that!

Until tomorrow mon amies, bon soir!  

Outfit Details

Cotton Bardot top - car boot sale
Shorts - emergency charity shop buy when I realised I didn't own any!
Blue bucket hat - Trago Mills
Espadrilles - E.leclarec supermarche
Blue cotton block print kaftan - East


  1. Those ceramic flowers are so pretty! I love the idea of putting ceramic flowers on a grave, since they'll long outlast real flowers.

  2. love your travel photos and style!