All my paintings and photographs are available as prints, please email for more information.

Soft Focus (the world without my glasses), enamel and acrylic on canvas, 2016
Strange and Rare Specimen, enamel and collage on canvas, 2016 (SOLD)

Platonic Plates of Colour, enamel, acrylic and felt tip on paper, 2016
A postcard to France, Postcards From Europe series, 2016
A postcard to Cyprus, Postcards From Europe series, 2016

Memento Mori, 2015

Memento Mori, 2015

Floral Arrangements (III), 2014

 Homage to Frida Kahlo, 2013 - SOLD
 The Virgin of Guadalupe series, 2014 - SOLD
Caring Eyes (II), 2014
Caring Eyes (I), 2014

Floral Arrangements (I), 2014 - Available through the Square Gallery, St Mawes

   The Virgin of Guadalupe series, 2014

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